Where To Buy 2021 IPL Tickets Online, Booking, And Prices

IPL can be regarded as the most-attended cricket league. Compared to other institutions, it ranks sixth by overall attendance. IPL was started and is still run financially by an entertainment company. IPL’s foundation and aim were to please and convince young people to join and support cricket.

Currently, the IPL has eight teams that are well organized to perform in set tournaments. Just like any other game, IPL is a lover of many when it comes to fan support. The league has virtual and stadium-present fans who can watch the tournaments by making an advance purchase of tickets.

IPL matches had been postponed sometime in 2020 due to the high rises of covid 19 cases. As a result of the measures provided by the government and foreign associates, this has been contained, giving hope for the resumption of the matches. The Board of control of cricket in India is responsible for setting dates and regulating the dates meant for the games. The game, which is set to happen in UAE, starts on September 13, 2021, and runs to October 13. There are expected to be seven matches running at different intervals.

How to book for IPL ticket online

Purchasing IPL tickets online is the best way to save time as well as reserve your seat. Fans are allowed to book or buy the tickets online and offline. IPL tickets are always available online through their partners; Insider. In, Book My Show, Event Now, and Paytm. At times, you can as well access tickets through their official site. This year, you are only allowed to book IPL 2021 tickets from their official site only.

Here are the actions you should follow when booking for online IPL tickets booking?

  • Visit the site where you want to purchase the tickets; you can try either listed site.
  • Sign up if you are new to the site; should you have registered before, log in.
  • Search for the sports tab and click on (IPL 2021). Always make sure that you book IPL 2021 tickets.Choose the match you want to watch and fill in the following options: Select the stand, choose the seat, and several tickets.
  • Check out by completing payment, and there are various types of electronic payment provided.
  • A confirmation is sent to your mail after making payment.
  • It would be best if you took a print of it to help you secure the tickets.

Booking for IPL ticket from the stadium office

Some people still prefer purchasing tickets from the stadium office other than online IPL tickets booking. Most fans regarded this best option other than purchasing online and ended up disappointed after postponing the tournament. For stadium booking, tickets are always offered on the counter, with Google locations provided in advance to ensure that no confusion is made. For IPL 2021, the following are the available stadium counters offering tickets;

  1. M. A. Chidambaram Stadium
  2. Eden Gardens Kolkata
  3. Wankhede Stadium
  4. Arun Jaitley Stadium
  5. M. Chinnaswamy Stadium
  6. Inderjit Singh Bindra Stadium
  7. Barsapara Cricket Stadium
  8. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
  9. Holkar Cricket Stadium
  10. Sawai Mansingh Stadium

Should you purchase a ticket and then consider canceling it, you are required to do this within three hours of seat booking. The age limit for tickets booking is three years; any fan below that age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Whenever a match is canceled, money paid towards the ticket is refunded; this is either online or stadium office booking.

IPL ticket prices

The price is IPL tickets are not constant; it depends on the match, venue in the stadium, and teams playing. Some groups tend to charge more than the rest. Cheap tickets can only be purchased from the stadium. KKR and Hyderabad tend to be more affordable than other teams, and you can consider checking out their matches. It is always advisable for the fans to visit the website first and understand the cost of tickets other than waiting until they make payment for booking.

The IPL 2021 is organized to take place with matches organized on different dates. Purchase of tickets is provided on the team’s website, making it easy for the fans to book.

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