Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands in India 2019

Mobile Phones today have become the basic necessity and everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, no matter the age. There are various mobile phone companies in India, which are manufacturing amazing mobile phones with the latest technologies. There are few companies that have made a big name in the market.

 Here is a list of Top Ten Mobile Phone Brands in India

10. Nokia

It was once the most preferred phone in the country, and the model 6600 was a rage and was loved by everyone. In India nokia is the number one of the best keypad mobile phone manufacturers. Today, Nokia is making some amazing smart phones, which are high in technology and are user friendly as well. They have various models and it caters the need of all the people.

9.  Sony

It is a Japanese company and the mobiles of this company were launched in the year 2001. They expertise in making electronic items, and their mobile phones were a rage. They have manufactures some amazing models and pieces, and it made a big name in the country. Their Sony Ericsson model was a trendsetter amongst the youth and it was preferred by a lot of people. They have also made some amazing smartphones as well.

8. LG

It was founded in the year 1958 and it is a South Korean Company and it has its headquarters in Seoul. LG is basically one of the best electronic brands, but their phones are also one of the best in the market. With high interface and processor, they managed to make a mark in the industry, by giving the customers a high tech mobile phone. It comes in various styles and the prize varies for each model.

7. Lava

They make android phones, and they make very amazing phones and tablests, which are very smart looking, sleek and are high tech. There are several models in this brand, and they are affordable and are also upgradable according to the new android system.

6. Karbonn

The Company came recently in the market, but these mobile phones are one of the best in the market and are durable, have the latest technology, styles, best sound system, best cameras and everything in a very affordable rate. They have a lot of models and various colors and types for their customers.

5. Microsoft Windows

Windows has launched their new phones and this company has its headquarters in Finland. They have made some amazing mobile phones, which are just like the windows that one has been using in their PC’s or Laptops.

4. Micromax

It is a relatively new company, micromax is one of the leading mobile phone brands in the country, and they have made a mark in the market. Their phone models are amazing and they have the latest android versions, and they have a great picture quality, and sound and are also upgradable to the latest version of android.

3. Motorola

This Company makes some amazing android smart phones, smart watches and other mobile products, and it is one of the best mobile and the one of the leading mobile brand in the country. Their new models, Moto G, second generation, moto X, Second generations are just brilliant and the quality of the phones are also great and so is the durability.

2. Samsung

This is one of the highest mobile phone selling company in the country, and it is one of the best and a leading brand in the mobile industry. The mobile phones are brilliant and are affordable. These Android phones can be upgraded according to the latest android versions and they come in various types and the prize ranges from one mobile phone to another.

1. Apple


It was founded in the year 1976 by Steve jobs, and apple phones are the best phones that are available in the market, though these phones are costly and not everyone can afford them, but their configuration and style is up to the mark and brilliant. The phones are sleek, looks amazing and their new models Apple 6, 6s are just wonderful pieces in some wonderful colors.
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