Top Ten Best Jeans Brands in India 2016

Jeans are one of the most important things in the wardrobe and there are numerous patterns in the jeans that are available in the market. From skinny jeans to flared ones, from rugged to normal, there are various designs that come in various brands. Here is a list of Top Ten Jeans Brands in India from which you can choose the ones that you like and buying a nice pair of jeans is essential as it is the basic requirement and it stays for a long duration.

10. Flying Machine

Flying Machine is a prevalent pants brand of Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited, a backup of Arvind Limited, a main material items and denim producer. They presented Flying Machine in the year 1980 and inside of a limited capacity to focus time; it developed as a mainstream pants brand in the business sector.

9. Wrangler

Another pants brand of VF Corporation, Wrangler has made into this rundown of main 10 best pants brands in India. They have various patterns in the jeans and apart from that Wrangler offers a wide assortment of pants, sweatshirts, coats, shirts, sweaters, and shirts.

8. Lee

Lee is a pants brand claimed by VF Corporation, a main attire organization on the planet, which was established in the year 1899. Lee was initially created in the year 1889 by Henry David Lee in Kansas, USA and later in the year 1969, it was gained by VF Corporation

7. Mufti

Next on this rundown is Mufti, a famous pants brand presented in the year 1998 by Credo Brands Marketing Pvt. Ltd. to give an inventive product offering in pants section. The product offering of Mufti comprise of pants, shirts, shirts, coats and sweatshirts. This brand is available generally the country over in more than 190 restrictive stores and more than 1000 multi brand stores.

6. Gas

Gas remains at sixth in the rundown of main 10 best pants brands in India. Gas is a premium pants brand of Grotto S.p.A, an International attire organization established in the year 1973 by Claudio Grotto. Gas is an all inclusive known brand with vicinity in more than 50 nations over the globe. Thin, Skinny, Straight, Carrot and Jegging are a percentage of the sorts of pants delivered by Gas.


5. Spykar

Spykar is a mainstream pants brand in India, which is possessed by Spykar Lifestyles Pvt Ltd. Spykar is known for its pants of brilliant, plans and sensible costs. Spykar Jeans offers a wide assortment of pants, loads, shirts, shirts, coats, socks and different frill. Spykar is available the nation over in more than 1000 multi brand stores.

4. Diesel

Diesel remains at ninth in the rundown of main 10 best pants brands in India on the premise of ubiquity. Diesel is a main Italian attire organization, established in the year 1978 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied and. Diesel has an assorted product offering that comprises of shirts, pants, belts, socks, footwear, watches, eyewear and different frill. Diesel is accessible the nation over in various multi-brand stores and outlets.

3. Killer

Killer is positioned third in the rundown of main 10 best pants brands in India. Executioner is a pants brand of Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL), an Indian garments organization fused in the year 1981.

2. Levis

Levi’s is a well known pants brand among youth which is claimed by Levi Strauss and Co. The principle explanation behind fame of Levi’s pants in India is its quality, plans and sensible cost. Product offering of Levi’s comprise of pants, paints, freights, shirts, shirts, shoes and different adornments. Suburbanite, Revel, Redloop and Icons are a portion of the mainstream accumulations of Levi’s.

1. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans is the most prominent pants brand in India and holds the greatest offer of pants portion in the nation. The fame of Pepe Jeans can be followed from its vicinity in more than 50 nations on the planet. Pepe Jeans was presented in India in the year 1989 and without further ado its a main pants brand in India.

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