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What is One Rank, One Pension? – All You Need to Know About it

One Rank, One Pension is one of the most spoken schemes in India but never implemented. Successive governments have put forward the plan but it has never taken off. It is one of the pending cases for the Armed Forces and it has hot many obligations. It was proposed in the last budget and INR 8000 Crores have been proposed but it has never really implemented. However, the new government has again proposed the implementation of the scheme.

What is One Rank, One Pension?

One Rank, One Pension is a special scheme for the armed forces people. It states that pension should be same for the person who are of same rank and served equal length of service should receive same amount of pension irrespective of the last drawn salary. As of now, the person who has served as an armed force person years back draw less salary than a person who has retired more recently due to hike in the salary. The demand of the One Rank, One Pension has got its significance because of the nature of service the armed force people do. They generally retire at an early age (sometimes mid 30s) and they also serve a life threatening job. As per the scheme, the hike will be automatically transferred to the pension of the retired person and he will draw same amount of pension as compare to a person retired with hiked salary and pension.


There have been many road blocks for this scheme since long time. The scheme is exclusively for the Army forces and do not include the others defense services, not even paramilitary forces. There have been high speculations that the implementation of the scheme may lead to demand from others as well. However, government is planning to name it for military which will make it exclusive for them. There is huge budget required for this scheme and government is trying to avoid the same as well according to the demanders.

How it will benefit the Military?

Military service is considered the toughest and most respected in a country like Indie where the borders are not a safe place to be. The challenging job has taken many lives and comfort from the military people. The One Rank, One Person will just give them the monitory equality for the people who have retired before 2006. The Pay Commission gave a good hike for the military people last time around and that has benefitted the people retired after the particular year. However, the people who have retired earlier still managing with little money and did not get any benefit. This will bring them on same platform for the sacrifice, challenges and the dedication. They have done the same hard work, retired at the same rank and served for same years yet they get less pension just because they retired earlier. The One Rank, One Pension will put all the people on same line and give them their demands.

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