Top 5 Best Split ACs under 20,000 Rs. In India 2015

As the scorching summer arrives in India, people tend to take rest in the Air Conditioners. There was a time when it was a distinct dream for most of the people in India. However, with the progress of time, the Split ACs has become more affordable. If your budget is under 20,000 then, here are the Top 5 Split ACs available in India under INR 20000 in 2015.

5. Voltas 122CY 1 Ton 2 Star Split AC

Voltas is a Tata product and is known for the high performance. The 1 Ton Split AC is enough to cool a 10*10 room. However, the efficiency of an AC depends upon many things. This has an Auto Restart, Self-Diagnosis features that are very useful for an AC. You can set the Timer and Sleep Mode with the AC as well. The Split AC is controlled by a remote and has 2 Star Power Rating. The product is available for INR 19,990 in the market.

4. Lloyd LS 13A3FX 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This is also a 1 Ton AC that is considered as one of the best in this range. The AC has the Anti Bacteria Filter that helps you to keep the environment of the room healthy and fresh. The LED display is another added advantage of the AC that looks bright and clear. It can self-diagnose and auto protect with advanced technologies. However, the best part of the AC is that it has sleep mode and dehumidification, that can reduces the humidity in the atmosphere. The 3 Star Rated product is available for INR 19490.

3. Panasonic ZC15PKYP3 1.2 Ton 2 Star Split AC

This is a 1.2 Ton Split AC that is good for the use in the homes. The moisture removal and the noise removal are the special features of the AC. There are special features like Auto Restart and Timers associated with the AC. You can control the Air Condition with the Remote Control. The 2 Star Power Rated AC is available for INR 19,990.

2. Onida 0.8 Ton 2 Star S09FLT-N3 Split Air Conditioner

This is one of the best products in this budget. The 0.8 Ton Split AC is known for classic design and good performance. There are all basic features available with the AC. The 2 Power Rating also makes sure you save enough power. It is very easy to install as well. The high quality AC is available for INR 19,317.

1. Haier 0.75 Ton 2 Star HSU-09CKCS2N Air Conditioner

Haier has one of the best products for the Split Air Conditioners. The 0.75 Ton AC is good for the residential purpose. However, the 2 star power rating makes sure that the high energy saving is present in the AC. All the basic features of the ACs are present in Haier and it is available for the price of INR 19990.

These are few of the best ACs available in the Indian market for a budget under INR 20000.