Top 5 Best Bikes Under 40000 to 50000 Rs. In India 2016

India is a country where people are really passionate about bikes at a great extent, but the perspective is quite different here. Here bikes that are cost efficient and having a great mileage are preferred moreover. Bikes are used here more than just a normal way of transportation. To be frank, the first question about any bike from a person In India will be that is it cost efficient, and what mileage it provides? On this context, we have come up with some really excellent bikes which fit under a price bracket of 40k- 50k.

#1. Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro

This is the number one choice of for every Indian who is in search of a family bike, not the sports kind. Some great points about this bike to gain such popularity are its great fuel aptitude which is 9.5 liters with an overall mileage of 69 kmpl. Talking about the specs, the bike has got air cooling, 4 stroke engine with a cylinder of 9.36nm @5500 rpm. The bike is stunning on the looks front too. Whereas its reasonable price plays the key role in its success in Indian market.

Cost: Around 48K