5 Best PC Keyboards Under 1,000 Rs. in India 2017

We are well known with the fact that how important a good keyboard is, this we have come up with the 5 best keyboards for your PC that you can own fewer than 1,000 rupees. The keyboards that are enlisted here are the best and the most trusted ones.

1. Dragon War GK-001 Desert Eagle Wired USB Keyboard

Dragon War GK-001 Desert Eagle Wired USB Keyboard

The keyboard carries Sparkle Blue Color on ASWD and Arrow Key for better navigation through applications. Professional Keyboard Pad is there that can be used as palm rest or you can use it as a mouse pad as well. Dragon War GK-001 is Water-proof and spill Keyboard and comes with USB Support. The keyboard has 8 Additional Gaming Keys for Switching and you can call it a semi gaming keyboard because of the dedicated gaming keys.

Cost: Rs 850

2. Zebronics Companion 6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Zebronics Companion 6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

If you don’t want to carry the hassles of connecting the keyboard over wires then this will be the best thing for you. The best thing about this combo is that you will get a wireless mouse as well. Keyboard has an Ergonomic Design for added Utility and Performance. Uv Coated keys Layout is there in order to provide Better Durability. There is a power indicator present there on the keyboard which will eventually start blinking when the power will be low.It’s a simple plug and play combo and you won’t need to install any drivers for operation.

Cost: Rs 899

3. ROQ Wireless Keyboard (foldable)

ROQ Wireless Keyboard (foldable)

ROQ wireless keyboard has a QWERTY layout with 85 little keys, the best part about this keyboard is that it is flexible and you can roll it and keep inside your bag for easy carrying. The keyboard has dedicated multi-media and hot keys that are designed especially for iPad. This keyboard can be connected to your laptop, ipad or tablet wirelessly with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity that has a transmission range of up to 10m. It has inbuilt rechargeable high capacity lithium ion battery.

Cost: Rs 899

4. FrontechJil – 1676 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

FrontechJil - 1676 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

It’s a wireless keyboard that comes with a USB dongle that is used as a receiver and it is the bridge that connects computer with the keyboard and mouse wirelessly. It doesn’t carry a palm rest but that is not a big reason to worry as you can use your table for that purpose. Battery life is approx. 400 hrs and it uses 2 AAA size batteries for the operation. It’s a full size keyboard with dedicated multimedia keys for a better multimedia experience.

Cost: Rs 990

5. AstrumElete GM Wired USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

AstrumElete GM Wired USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

This is probably the cheap and the best keyboard mouse combo that you will find in India. It offers wireless connectivity and it can be called as a gaming keyboard as it has dedicated gaming keys. The mouse that comes along with the keyboard is also a gaming mouse and the whole product is covered under warranty of two years. What else do one need at such a price?

Cost: Rs 799


We all know that how important a computer is in today’s era, and a computer is nothing without a keyboard. We have put up the 5 best keyboards that you can buy for less than rupees 1,000.

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